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Top Reasons Springs Go Bad!

Garage door systems work on a system of science and pulleys in order to open and close. This system uses a variety of different springs. It is important that you do annual inspections on your garage doors because it is possible that they could have problems that could cause the garage door to stop working and possibly break. The most common problem with garage doors is often found in the springs.Garage Door Repair Lomita CA Garage Door Repair Lomita CA want to help you understand broken springs by guiding you through common reasons a spring needs to be replaced and the importance of inspecting them.

Baby It’s Cold Outside

Sometimes the spring can break under conditions. Imagine sitting hunched over with your body held tight for hours in below freezing temperatures. When you try to stand up, there will be pain and a possibility of some muscle damage. A spring is no different. When the door is closed, the spring is pushed into a high pressure and tight positioning. When this spring is doing this and exposed to cold weather, it is possible that there may be damage when the coil is opened. If you are experiencing problems with cold weather than check the springs for damage and contact Garage Door Repair Lomita CA for professional help.


Just like human,steel has the ability to age as well. As we get older, parts of our body stop working the way they should, so it shouldn’t be shocking that the same thing can happen with steel springs. If your springs are older, they may have to be replaced. It is possible that the spring has been used too much and through different weather conditions and just is too old too function. Changing older springs will help your garage door operate smoothly. Keeping the parts on your garage door newer and up to date will keep your door functioning safely.Garage Door Repair Lomita CA

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When steel gets wet and stays wet, it is possible that it will be able to get a little rusty. If a spring begins to get rusty, it will affect the way your garage door functions. When corrosion occurs the damage can become even worse. You want to call Garage Door Repair Lomita CA replace the rusting springs and use proper lubricant to help prevent springs from rusting out in the future. We don’t recommend WD-40 because it attracts dirt, but you can use a little Pam or even other oiling products to keep your springs in great shape.

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